Looking for an eco-friendly and durable artificial turf option in Bowmanville? Get in touch with Lloyd’s Grounds Management Professionals Ltd to install natural-looking synthetic grass. With an aim to provide the best of services and products to our customers, we choose our suppliers carefully.

When you install Artificial Grass you take away the hassle of trimming and watering a lawn and you also save time and money on maintenance.

Over the years they have handled over 100,000 installations for various property types including homes, commercial properties, golf courses, playgrounds and more. Here are a few advantages of choosing Artificial Grass:

  • Environmentally friendly artificial turf
  • Withstands harsh climatic changes
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Can be installed on both residential and commercial properties, playgrounds, parking lots and more
  • Child and pet friendly 
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain

Talk to us to learn more about the ongoing artificial grass maintenance programs.

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