We offer full winter commercial snow plowing and removal services for our clients. Lloyd’s Grounds Management Professionals Ltd. can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing, removal, and relocation services throughout the entire winter season.  We recognize the importance of having clean, well-maintained, and safe commercial areas to ensure the easy flow of traffic in business locations. Ease and accessibility are priorities for us when we work with our commercial clients.   We meet with you prior to commencing work initially to discuss designated areas to clear, where to relocate snow, obstacles to avoid, and where to apply de-icing agents if necessary.

Take Advantage of Our Services

In addition to commercial grounds snow removal, Lloyd’s Grounds Management Professionals Ltd. also provides Industrial, Condominium & Retirement Homes with a full range of snow removal services. Rely on us for:

  • Snow Plowing Parking Lots 
  • Snow Shoveling of Sidewalks
  • Snow Clearing of Walkways
  • Snow Cleaning of Steps
  • Snow Cleaning of Entrances
  • De-Icing of Parking Lots
  • De-Icing of Sidewalks
  • De-Icing of Walkways
  • De-Icing of Steps
  • De-Icing of Entrances
  • Relocation services

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See What Our Clients Say

“The snow clearing folks that handled the big storm so well last week. Like others we spent hours clearing our driveway. When the sidewalk got cleared it left a large pile of snow at the end of the driveway. The fellow clearing the road went up on people's driveway and cleared that excess. So considerate. We really appreciated the thoughtfulness”. "Thank you for your service, I knew we made the right choice" !!
D. Prato
Townhouse Complex

Reliable Snow Removal Professionals Since 1963!

We pride ourselves in offering a safe winter environment for all our clients and we ensure that your snow removal needs are met with the highest standards.

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